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NCS Environmental Solutions Ltd is an Environmental Products & Services company providing Water Barrier Dams and Spill Containment solutions on operating construction locations or areas that need water management due to Flooding or Fire water supply.

Protection of our Environment Matters

The significance of trace chemicals in our water and air are of increasing interest due to their known and unknown effects on human health, as well as the health of animals and plants, and effects on the ecosystem. We at NCS Environmental Solutions, are extremely proud that we have taken our engagement for the environment one step further, with the use of AquaFlex Canada’s industry leading natural contamination solutions.

AquaFlex Canada’s technology is based on an open-cell foam membrane that traps water contaminants that may otherwise remain undetected. Like a sponge, the flexible elastomeric foam acts like a capillary network similar to the alveoli of the human lungs; the Open-Cell foam absorbs contamination and exhales clear water, one drop at a time.

Oil can be wrung out of the AquaFlex Canada’s Open-Cell foam, where it can be collected and sent to refineries for reuse. After the wringing process, the AquaFlex foam can be redeployed, and it can be reused multiple times. After extensive reuse, the biodegradable foam can be safely disposed of.

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With NCS Environmental Solutions stocking materials and equipment in all of our NCS locations across Canada, we offer a competitive advantage for freight costs as well as the rapid response in the event of an emergency such as fire water supply or flood mitigation.

NCS Environmental Products offer complete services, for installation, filling demobilization and recertification and testing of Water Barrier dam products, as well as a complete line of sales and rental systems.

Getting ready with a prepared plan or experiencing an emergency right now?

Our team understands the benefits of executing a well-prepared plan and the magnitude of emergency situations and responds accordingly. We work in a responsive and safe manner to mobilize manpower, pipe, hose, pumps, and support equipment.

Emergency flood pumping support normally calls for flood mitigation dams and emergency pumping. We prepare, supply, and install various pumps and lengths of drainage lines so water can be moved safely and effectively incorporating filtration if required or erosion control methods.

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